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As an all volunteer foster-based rescue group, successful adoption stories are the only compensation we seek!  Our Foster Caretakers, who spend weeks or months loving the animals in their care, always want to know how their “babies” are doing once they have found their forever homes.  We hope that the adoption of a pet is not the end of a process but the beginning of a relationship between A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue and our adoptive families.  If you’ve adopted a dog or cat from us, please share your story!  Success Stories and pictures can be sent to adoptions@asecondchancerescue.org.

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Love Me Tender

Good morning, I just wanted to share my success story because I can't thank you enough for the best addition to our family. We adopted "Love me Tender" (now known as Ryleigh) on December 5th, 2015. I had just lost my first dog and as much as we were devastated, our other dog Taj was taking it harder. He was extremely lonely so we decided to adopt a new friend for him. It took a week of searching online across the state for a new companion, but the moment I saw Ryleigh I knew she'd be the perfect fit. We traveled two hours to Palm Beach Gardens to meet her and she was as great as we thought she'd be. The adoption process went smooth and then she was on her way home. She's been a blessing ever since. She has gone through obedience training, earned her AKC CGC title, and now is even starting to do tricks. Ryleigh loves everyone and is a favorite when going out in public to PetCo and Bass Pro. She has even sparked our dog Taj's interest in playing because he never showed interest in playing with other dogs before. Ryleigh is by far the sweetest girl and I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you! Kacie and Ryleigh


We adopted "Logo" (now called Logan) on 4/5. At first a really mellow puppy is now a great source of energy, joy and fun. It took a few weeks but now our 13 year old Candy and Logan are inseparable and play so cute together. Logan helped lift Candy out of her depression since losing our beloved 14 year old German Sheppard mix on Valentine's day. So thank God for Logan. He is so smart and has adapted so well. Thanks for what you do, because if it wasn't for you, my family would be missing out on this tremendous source of joy.


I love my pet. I changed her name, she is now Kayla. I am so happy that Kayla is part of our family.  We are all adjusting very well.

My 9 year old (only child) is learning certain responsibilities as we are training Kayla.

Kayla is a very happy and alert dog. We love her.



Emily is doing great!

Thanks again for giving us the opportunity to adopt her. 



Larry, now known as Quincey, is doing great!  He and his six year old sister are fast friends.  He copies everything she does, which has made the house training process much easier!

We are grateful for such a lovable little guy.



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