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Rainbow Bridge

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This is Annie, My friend Terri's beloved dog. May she rest in peace and may she be waiting for Terri at the Rainbow Bridge.

I know Annie was waiting for you, Willie to show you "all the ropes". May you find peace at the rainbow bridge and play with Annie forever.

Jesse was our companion for fourteen years. There is a lifetime of memories from him. I will miss him dearly but know he is in a good place.

Yedra came to us from Miami Dade Animal Services. She was bright, happy, playful and everything a puppy should be. She had a small rash on her belly. She was spayed and vetted up and a few days later started having cold symptoms. It turns out she had distemper. Though Peter tried his best to get through this by medicating and Rehydrating her and force feeding her she continue to decline. Today I put her down. Rest in peace baby, no more suffering. I love and miss you.

Old Dixie
Old Dixie came to our group from our good friend Teri Dosil of Highland County Animal Care and Control. Dixie was surrendered by her owner who told Teri that Dixie was approx 14 years old. Not only was Dixie surrendered, but her three 4 week old puppies were as well. Poor Dixie looked like she had been bred every single time she had gone into heat. Her milk engorged teats dragged on the ground. Since our litters go in alphabetical order she was due to be named with the letter O, so she became Old Dixie. She was a great Mom and her puppies were adopted out the first week they became available. Unfortunately, once she was spayed, Dixie teats still hung down almost to the ground. Not really believing that Dixie could be fourteen years old and still having puppies, we guessed her age to be around 8 or 9. She lived with me and my two kids and became a foster favorite. My daughter gave her the nickname Big Momma. She slept in on my daughters bed at night. She wasn't very active, only going outside to use the bathroom, but boy did she perk up when she thought there was food around. She would bark, but it sounded like a seal. My daughter would tell Dixie to speak and she would start her "seal barking" for a treat. Dixie got fostered to adopt by a very nice lady who was able to look past her imperfections. Last night, Dixie began to act strangely and was not herself. This morning her foster rushed her to the emergency vet and after blood work and many other tests, Dixie continued to decline. Her temp was at 104 and she was having cardiac irregularities and could no longer stand up. A decision was made to end her suffering. Although she was only at my house for a fraction of her life, my kids and I loved her very much. So much, that I am crying as I write this. I am happy that at the end of her life Dixie knew what love and kindness and being spoiled were all about. Rest in Peace Big Momma!! Ruth, Shelby and Andrew

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