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Message From: christine kikume January 18, 2015

Message From: Lila January 3, 2015
I foster a couple dogs from here and I just want to say everyone is amazing and dedicated. Ruth and the teenagers who volenteer and spend their Saturdays with the animals work so hard it's amazing that's one people use their time to help others. Overall a great organization.

Message From: Kate Phelan December 30, 2014
It will be 1 year ago on January 4th that we adopted "Charlee" who has been the love of our lives and is so beautiful. I am sending a picture in to post from his puppy picture to his picture with Santa Clause this year.

Message From: (Private) November 30, 2014
Its has been one year since we adopted Cali. She is a wonderful addition to our family.

Message From: In Awe of this Group October 19, 2014
I am so impressed with this organization. Ruth and her fellow volunteers work tirelessly to save these animal's lives and provide good, loving homes for them. After all, they deserve love too! My adult children have adopted a total of 3 dogs from this group and all were success stories. If you have a little extra love in your heart, please consider adopting one of these pets. I highly recommend this organization.

Message From: (Private) August 25, 2014
I have now had my 2 cats, Honeybell and Misty May, for one year. They have been delightful. Thank-you to all who give so much to this organization.

Message From: Volunteer July 30, 2014
I have been volunteering for about a year now on weekends. So many of these lovely dogs and cats have homes now. I adopted a dog from a2ndchance 2 years ago and Sam is doing great. Love you all.

Message From: Lisa & Michael May 6, 2014
We were thinking of adding another dog to our family to join our 22 month old red field setter, Ryleigh. We attended the Legacy place adoption event on 5/3 with the thought of possibly bringing someone home. Well...we ended up falling in love with our beautiful new girl Alli Mae (formerly Pumpkin). We look forward to updating often and providing pics of her for those who loved her until we brought her home to see. Thank you for everything that you do for them until they can find their forever homes. You are all amazing!

Message From: andrea schapiro March 27, 2014
we adopted zoie and Hudson three years ago and they are the loves of my life. Thank u a second chance for giving us the opportunity to LOVE these two puppies. You guys are an amazing organization!!!

Message From: Melva January 29, 2014
I adopted Ella, now LiNa after the tennis player who won the Australian open the day I brought her home. She is a wonderful puppy and we have already had many ourtings and met many friends. Thanks you so much.

Message From: Kate Phelan January 1, 2014
We are hoping to adopt a lab/retreiver mix puppy because we had to put to sleep our beloved Yankee, Lab/Shepherd the day after Christmas this year. In August of 2013, we had to put to sleep our 16 year old Brussels Griffon..so we are heartbroken and in tears at the loss of our 2 pets that we had all these many years. My form is filled out and we are hopeful for an adoption of a puppy.

Message From: PAT December 28, 2013
seeking to foster smaller dogs that don't shed possible adopt as well

Message From: James December 1, 2013
I am thinking of adopting a cat and took a visit to legacy place. I talked with Danielle (spl) with me about cat adoptionfor a good half hour. I feel well informed and upon my return to the states in December I will be adopting. Thank you to Danielle and the fine people of A Second Chance you are amazing people.

Message From: Jennifer & Ciele October 19, 2013
today we adopted Colada (renamed Freja). we are so absolutely in love... thank you so much for such a wonderful addition to our little family. we couldn't be happier!!! thank you for the wonderful work you do!!

Message From: Ben, Mayra & Alex Stern October 17, 2013
We are very happy and proud to be a foster family to some of your pets. Thanks to all the animal lovers out there!

Message From: Pat Siciliano September 26, 2013
Moon Shadow (Siam) We lost our precious kitty last weekend, We had less than a year with her, but she knew while she was with us that she was forever loved. She showed us in many ways. Even up to the end She will be forever in our hearts.

Message From: Debra September 13, 2013
Thank you for our lovely addition to our family "Ambyr".... She's brought so much joy and happiness to us and we love her immensely.

Message From: Debra September 13, 2013
We wanted to say thank you for Ambyr. She is such a joy and and special addition to our family

Message From: Dori September 5, 2013
Molly is a wonderful addition to our family. She has settled in nicely.

Message From: Aubrey Smith August 12, 2013
Suki and Fitch (Formerly Pitty Pat and Beau) are loving their new home! I was so happy that we were able to adopt the two of them and keep them together! I will be keeping in touch with pictures and updates of their shenanigans. Thank you for everything that you do for the animals in our community =]

Message From: (Private) July 31, 2013
I'm Rocco's former owner, I'm devastated after 2 years to see him like that!!!! I really wanted to take him, but I just rescued a Belgian Mal and can't afford two. He is a Good Dog, if there is anything the adopter needs let me know!!! And rest assure I'm looking into what happened!!!!!!

Message From: Danielle July 30, 2013
I just read Roccos story and it brought me to tears. He reminds me of my late Schultz. Great loyal boy who was my world. I have an almost 3 yr old female shep who loves other dogs. Rocco has grabbed my heart and I would love to stay updated on his condition. Thank you for doing what you do.

Message From: Christine July 23, 2013
I just read Potters story and was brought to tears. I can only hope my small donation can help.

Message From: Bonnie July 16, 2013
Mr. Miracle ( Livingston) was adopted a week ago. He is my miracle. I was blessed. Thank you so much Barb!

Message From: Marilyn and Keith July 14, 2013
My husband and i, adopted Yaluna yesterday, we,ve been blessed with her as a new member of our family, we all love her and she is the most adorable puppy ever. Thanks.

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