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As an all volunteer foster-based rescue group, successful adoption stories are the only compensation we seek!  Our Foster Caretakers, who spend weeks or months loving the animals in their care, always want to know how their “babies” are doing once they have found their forever homes.  We hope that the adoption of a pet is not the end of a process but the beginning of a relationship between A Second Chance Puppies and Kittens Rescue and our adoptive families.  If you’ve adopted a dog or cat from us, please share your story!  Success Stories and pictures can be sent to adoptions@asecondchancerescue.org.

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Jack is such a sweet boy.  He loves to play with our other A Second Chance adopted pup, Remi (aka Allie).

They love to tear through the back yard and come in through the open doors and wrestle on the sofa. (Yes, they are allowed on the sofa!)  He, along with the other three dogs we have, sleeps on the bed with us at night.  It gets a little crowded but Jack likes to snuggle, so I love it on these chilly nights!
Jack is a little bit of a piggie as he not only eats his food... he tries to eat everyone else's!!  I am so glad we adopted him...he brings us so much joy! Thanks for rescuing him.  The thought of him being in a high kill shelter just breaks my heart!


Hello there! We adopted Lily (formerly Jelly). We haven’t spoken to you guys in a while so we figured we’d give you an update on Lils!

She’s now 2 1/2 and we’re living in Southwest Florida! She’s healthy & happy! She loves going to the dog park & playing with all her friends.

She’s the best thing that ever happened to us & we can’t imagine our lives without her! She’s the sweetest, funniest girl ever! Attached is a recent picture!

Lindsay, Cole, & Lily


6/12/2012 tramp is now four mos old and as you can see by the picture made his self right at home and very happy and comfortable. he sleeps on his back all the time. his shots are up to date and he started heartworm last mo. we love him to death take him camping with us in our travel tralior and just have a ball with him. he is completely house broken for the last few wks now. so that is the up to date story on your little boy. thank you again for letting us have him. oh and he has already had his first hair cut and will go once a month . jan paulus 5/18/12 He is doing just fine. He has already been to the vet for the last parvo shot and he is going to the groomers on Wednesday. I finally think he is almost potty trained. I tried to send this last week after I got it and it wouldnt go through. I hope it goes this time and if it does I will send pictures of him for you.


Jan and Ed


Sorry it's taken so long to respond, my husband Tom had surgery recently & we've been busy. Jackpot is growing like a weed and we love him dearly. He's spoiled rotten but that's ok because we did it, LOL. He loves to be outdoors but no matter where he is, he wants to be with one of us at all times.

Glad we adopted him and I've had many compliments on my dog and have referred others to your site.

Suzie, Tom and Jackpot


My daughter and I adopted Jury, now Sampson, last Thursday at the Alex and Ani event. He is fitting in perfectly with our family and Sophie, our other pup. He is so playful and is working on his house training. He is so spoiled! We love Sampson so so much!

Thanks A Second Chance Rescue for helping us find our perfect match!

Tina and Bianca

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